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Child & Parent Ki Aikido Boulder Classes (ages 6-12)

{ parent participation is optional, but highly encouraged! }

Have fun in a safe, constructive environment. Get in shape. Build confidence. Improve focus. Enhance personal safety. Fall down… and get back up! Sweat, Smile & Laugh!

children martial arts classWhat they’ll do:

  • Stretching
  • Rolling
  • Ki Aikido self-defense techniques
  • Ki Meditation & Ki Breathing techniques
    • with other children, moms, dads, and instructors

What they’ll get:

  • Relaxation & Awareness
  • Patience & Confidence
  • Strength & Endurance
  • Flexibility & Balance
  • Increased Safety & Security

In this class, both child and parent learn the fundamental principles and techniques of Ki Aikido.

The Child-Parent Ki Aikido class is a unique opportunity for both parents and children to play, stretch and develop techniques and strategies that strengthen their bodies and their relationships, both on and off the mat. In a much broader sense, the goal of Ki Aikido is to unify mind and body, improving our awareness of and connection with both ourselves and the world around us.

This short video gives a glimpse into the Child-Parent Ki Aikido classes. Reaching and teaching children of all ages in our Boulder community, about the importance of ki aikido as a peace-making tool in daily life, is a focus of Boulder Ki Aikido. This June, we will be holding Boulder Summer Camps for children. For more information on the Peace Samurai™ camps, visit Boulder Summer Camps–Ki Aikido for Children (ages 6-12).

In the Child-Parent Class, children learn to:

  •  calm their minds
  •  direct their energy positively
  •  develop self-confidence
  •  always do their best

Please call ahead:  7 2 0 .  2 8 8 . 0 2 3 3. A short interview with the parent (and child) is recommended prior to the first class. Open to children ages 6 to 12. No prior knowledge is required for participation. 8:1 maximum student:teacher/assistant ratio.

Older Children’s Ki Aikido Boulder Classes (ages 9-12)

{ parent participation is welcome }

This class is similar to the Child-Parent class, but is geared for children ages 9 to 12. This is intended for a (slightly 😉 more serious group of ki aikidoka children who want to have fun learning ki aikido arts. In this class we focus on learning through play, drills and practicing lots of the fundamental principles and techniques of Ki Aikido. Though there are plenty of games, there is less of an emphasis on play than in the Child-Parent Class. This class prepares children for the Intermediate Children’s Classes (ages 8-12).

Please call ahead to register:  7 2 0 .  2 8 8 . 0 2 3 3. A personal interview with the child is recommended prior to the first class. Open to children ages 9 to 12. No prior knowledge is required for participation. 8:1 maximum student:teacher/assistant ratio.

Intermediate Children’s Ki Aikido Boulder Classes (ages 7-12)

{ parent participation is welcome }

The Intermediate Children’s Class is a blend between the Child-Parent Class and the Adult All-Levels Ki Aikido Class. It is designed for children who want to focus more on the fundamental principles and techniques of Ki Aikido and a bit less on play. Though children still have fun with ki games, drills, and other physical activities that sharpen their bodies and minds, stronger attention is placed on mind-body coordination, discipline, ability to move well and proficiency in ki aikido techniques.

This special class is open to students ages 8 to 12, blue belt and up. 

Students in this class must:

  • have special permission from Sensei
  • have a sincere desire to learn ki aikido and do their very best
  • have fun, but practice mindfully
  • sit still and pay full attention while Sensei demonstrates and explains
  • follow the instructions of Sensei at all times
  • NOT monkey around
  • be respectful and careful with each practice partner

Failure to follow these rules results in having to step off the mat, missing out on great ki aikido practice, and potentially being asked to join the younger-aged Child-Parent Class. Please have a heartfelt discussion with your child about these rules so they understand them clearly.

Please speak to Sensei to see if your child qualifies for this special class:  7 2 0 .  2 8 8 . 0 2 3 3. Eight to one maximum student to teacher/assistant ratio.

Adults’ Ki Aikido Boulder Classes (teens ages 13 and up welcome)

USKIAIKIDO-IMG_0143Our Ki Aikido classes for adults and teens are geared for a positive, safe experience for all practitioners. We combine both highly advanced students and instructors with beginners to maximize learning and exposure to a variety of experiences.

As a martial art, Aikido aims to neutralize an attacker’s energy instead of inflicting harm. This is done by entering into and blending with the attacker’s energy or Ki and then leading that energy with a relaxed and flowing motion. This results in the aggressor being thrown to the ground or held in a neutralizing joint lock. When used properly, Aikido is an exemplary self defense form, and the masters of Aikido are among the finest martial artists, and human beings, in the world.

Training includes:

  • Aikido Techniques (basic, intermediate and advanced, depending on student’s ability and years of training)
  • Ukemi – Safely “receiving” techniques and learning to fall (backward and forward rolls)
  • Weapons – Defensive applications of the bokken (wooden sword), jo (wooden staff) and tanto (knife)
  • Timing, blending, and ma-ai (optimal distance)
  • Taigi – Sequence of several arts done with a partner

Motion is the central experience in Ki Aikido. Ki Aikido is “Meditation in Motion.” Even though there are plenty of books, videos, internet pages and other information about Ki training and Ki Aikido techniques to help and support your learning and understanding, the frequent practice within the dojo is the central basis and main source of your progress.

Adults’ Japanese Yoga Class (teens ages 13 and up welcome)

Ki Development Classes for Adults and Teens (ages 13 and up)

{ develop your inner power! }christian ki testing Ki Mind-Body Training

Do you want to study Ki principles but not in the context of a martial art? Do you want to apply Ki to your personal, school or work life?

This 40-minute, self-empowerment, Japanese Yoga class based on oneness is designed for people of all levels, looking to experience the mind-body benefits of Ki development without the direct experience of Ki Aikido rolls and martial techniques. The class will focus on mind-body unification principles, how to move gracefully, how to connect with oneself and others and how to use Ki principles in daily life.

Course work will include practice of the relaxed taiso, hitori waza exercises, Ki Testing, Ki exploration partner exercises, Ki Breathing and Ki Meditation. Participants may wear regular, comfortable clothes for this class (traditional Ki Aikido uniform is not required). Students will not be required to sit seiza (on their knees) during the class.

Japanese Yoga Components

Posture – Good posture fosters a dynamic balance of the mind and body. Proper posture uses all the muscles of the body and avoids overusing large muscle groups.
Meditation – Learn to observe the workings of your mind more clearly by developing focus & concentration.
Breathing – Breathing is one of the most basic activities of the body. We teach full, relaxed deep breathing, which is good for general health. Mindful breathing practice improves the ability of the mind to lead the body.
Visualization Techniques – The mind leads the body. Using our imagination in a positive way improves the rest of our training and our life.
Calmness & Relaxation – Through very specific techniques, individuals experience the power of calmness and relaxation. The methods used in class can be applied in daily life.
Movement – Simple, light, natural, functional, rhythmic movements are taught and practiced. They are used to discover and express calmness and relaxation in motion.

The class incorporates breathing, movement, visualization techniques and meditation to teach how mind and body are connected and interactive. Ki training works with the premise that the mind leads the body. Practice develops confidence and discipline, which leads to greater relaxation and physical stability. A light push is often used to test the stability of students in various postures and movements. This “ki test” provides a form of biofeedback, revealing the quality and depth of physical relaxation and mental calmness. Each test helps students cultivate a reliable relaxation response that can be called upon in daily life. Our training uses posture and movement to affect a more positive mental state, while at the same time showing how a positive outlook improves posture and movement.