Sen Shin no Gyo – River Misogi – RMKS

2016 River Misogi and Bell Misogi

Sunday, January 17th, 2016
7:30 a.m. until finished, @BKA

Senshin no Gyo is a ceremony that serves as a cleansing of the mind and body at the beginning of the new year.As Shinichi Tohei Sensei explains here, there are 2 primary points to the training:
  1. “If we are able to maintain calmness at our one point, no matter how challenging our situation may be, with training and experience we are able to go through it effortlessly;”  and
  2. “In welcoming a New Year, the icy water helps wash away all the events that have happened in the past year, whether they may have been good or bad.”Reply if you plan to join us.

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Boulder Ki Aikido Boulder Creek River Misogi

Here’s a few images of our 2016 River Misogi group at Boulder Creek!

River Misogi Boulder Colorado 17 Jan 2016 02 River Misogi Boulder Colorado 17 Jan 2016 01

And a few images from our 2015 River Misogi dip…

Boulder Ki Aikido Boulder Creek Misogi group pic2

Boulder Ki Aikido Boulder Creek Misogi group pic

Children’s Ki Aikido Test 29 April 2015 – Martial Arts for Children in Boulder CO

Slowly and steadily…

…we’re spreading the seeds of the life-enhancing benefits of this peaceful martial arts for children in Boulder, Colorado.


The happy group of children who tested and their teachers at Boulder Ki Aikido. Congratulations to all the children (& parents) for their long-term dedication and patience in reaching this wonderful milestone!


Twenty BKA children, ages 6-11, doing forward rolls across the dojo.


Our highest ranking students (orange belts) leading hitori waza (Japanese Yoga individual movement exercises – funakogi, ikkyo and zengo).


Munetsuki Koteoroshi


Ryotetori Tenchinage (Irimi)


Our littlest ones performing Munetsuki Koteoroshi


Kokyu Dosa and bowing sequences


Katatekosatori Kokyunage with a running start.


Congratulations to all children aikidoka on their great progress!


Landryk doing a wonderful job of leading funakogi-undo. Great form!

Aiyana doing a great job of leading zengo-undo. Well done!

Aiyana’s Ki Aikido test