Self Defense. The Peaceful Way.

If you like the principles of Yoga and other eastern philosophies, and you want to learn to defend yourself in a way that reduces suffering, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Boulder Ki Aikido

We’re a peace-focused martial arts dojo serving Boulder County and surrounding communities in colorful Colorado.

We train the human spirit through the non-competitive, Japanese self-defense art of Mind-Body-Unified Aikido (Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido), as well as the self-improvement practice of Ki Development, also known as Japanese Yoga.

We invite you to try out the weekly group classes or schedule a private lesson in Ki Aikido for:


Adult Ki Aikido Introductory Course

Experience a self-defense discipline that cultivates healthy,
effective ways of dealing with conflict, adversity, aggression, and anxiety.

Be the Peace You Want to See in the World

Times are changing. Prepare. Train. Evolve.

Ki Aikido Classes for Adults

Aikido aims to neutralize an attacker’s energy instead of inflicting harm. In addition to learning to defend yourself, Ki Aikido helps you function positively in your daily life, builds confidence, raises your level of physical fitness, and helps you safely handle adversity.

Ki Aikido Classes for Teens

Our Teens Ki Aikido classes provide a positive, safe experience for students of all levels. Teens learn valuable life skills as they’re exposed to a variety of self-defense techniques and daily life applications.


Boulder Summer Camps for Children | Ages 6–14

2022 OUTDOOR peace samurai BOULDER summer camps

  Choose from Nine Weeks of Day Camps | May 31–Aug 12

Invite your children to have fun playing outdoors this summer. They’ll learn Japanese wooden sword and staff forms, while cultivating resilience and a strong sense of Self.

Winner for Best Summer Camp | Bronze Medal | 2021 Best of Boulder by Boulder Weekly

Children’s Ki Aikido Classes

Children have fun learning Ki Aikido in a constructive and safe environment. Students ages 5-12 learn to calm their minds, direct their energy positively, develop self-confidence, and always do their best. Your child will improve focus, enhance personal safety, fall down, get back up, sweat, smile and laugh!

Child-Parent Ki Aikido Classes

In this class, both child and parent learn fundamental principles and techniques of Ki Aikido. The Child-Parent Ki Aikido class is a unique opportunity for both parents and children to play, stretch and develop techniques and strategies that strengthen their bodies and their relationships, on and off the mat. 


“Thank you, Sensei, for the gift of this Dojo! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this group of incredible people.”

Joe B., Westminster, CO