2019 Senshin no Gyo & Sokushin no Gyo

(aka River Misogi and Bell Misogi, respectively)

Sunday, January 13th, 2019
7:00 a.m. arrival

@BKA dojo
Prompt start thereafter, until finished,

Senshin no Gyo is a ceremony that serves as a cleansing of the mind and body at the beginning of the new year. As Shinichi Tohei Sensei explains here, there are 2 primary points to the training:
  1. “If we are able to maintain calmness at our one point, no matter how challenging our situation may be, with training and experience we are able to go through it effortlessly;”  and
  2. “In welcoming a New Year, the icy water helps wash away all the events that have happened in the past year, whether they may have been good or bad.”

For complete info on how to prepare for the ceremony, click here.