2019 New Year’s Ki Aikido Workshop with Jones Sensei & Keen Sensei

Russell Jones Lael Keen Boulder Ki Aikido Workshop 2015

Returning to Colorado from Florianopolis, Brazil, for ONE NIGHT ONLY, don’t miss this unique opportunity to train with the former Head Instructor of Rocky Mountain Ki Society, Russell Jones Sensei, 6th dan, and the highly accomplished Ki Aikido Instructor and uchideshi to Kashiwaya Sensei, Lael Keen Sensei, 5th dan.


  • $10 for 1 session

  • $15 for 2 sessions

  • $20 for all 3 sessions


Monday, January 14th, 2019

Lael Keen Sensei & Russell Jones Sensei will alternate leading ki development and ki-aikido practice for adults and teens of all levels, regardless of affiliation.

  • 6:10–7:00pm | TEENS Ki Aikido | Session 1 | ages 13-19 | adults welcome

  • 7:10–8:00pm | Adult ALL-LEVELS Ki Aikido | Session 2 | ages 13 & up

  • 8:10–9:00pm | Adult ALL-LEVELS Ki Aikido | Session 3 | ages 13 & up

DINNER: TBD at a restaurant near Boulder Ki Aikido dojo

Pre-Register for the event HERE

Lael Keen Sensei and Russell Jones Sensei


5th degree black belt in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido (Ki Aikido)
Chuden in Shin Shin Toitsu Do (Ki Development)
Former Uchideshi to Kashiwaya Sensei

Lael Keen Sensei began her study of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido (Aikido with Mind and Body Unified), in 1976, at the ripe age of 17. She was immediately attracted by the beauty of the movement and its non-violent philosophy.

She currently holds a 5th degree black belt and is also certified teacher of Shin Shin Toitsu Do (The Art of Mind Body Union) by the International organization of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido Kai in Tokyo.

In 1984, she graduated and started her career in Rolfing, a technique aimed at realigning the human body around the central axis and the integration of this alignment in daily activities. She became a certified Rolfing Instructor in 1995.

She is one of the founding members of the Association of Rolfers and teaches Rolfing worldwide.

In 1993, she began the practice of Somatic Experiencing, an approach for the treatment of post-traumatic stress, founded by Dr. Peter Levine, and was studying with him in the United States. She is a pioneer of this work in Brazil. With her husband, Russell Jones, and 3 other Somatic Experiencing practitioners, she founded the Somatic Experiencing Association of Brazil. She is currently on the faculty of the advanced level of education of the Human Enrichment Foundation and Somatic Experiencing Association of Brazil.

Lael became interested in group dynamics as a way to facilitate not only the learning process, but also human relationships. In 2006, she and her husband invited Mukara Meredith, MSW, founder of the CHT Matrixworks™ Group Dynamics system, Brazil. Since then, both are students of Mukara and Matrixworks™.

A lifelong student, she presently studies Anthroposophical Art Therapy.

She now lives in southern Santa Catarina Island where she and her husband Russell Jones Sensei (6th degree black belt in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido) have a Center of Natural Therapies and Martial Arts offering courses in Ki Aikido, Rolfing, Experience Somática® and Matrixworks® .


6th degree black belt in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido (Ki Aikido)
Joden in Shin Shin Toitsu Do (Ki Development)
Former Head Instructor for Rocky Mountain Ki Society

While studying psychology at the University of Colorado in 1975, Jones Sensei was offered the rare opportunity to do a traditional apprenticeship (Uchi Deshi training) with Kashiwaya Sensei, 8th Dan in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido.

After 5 years of intensive training, Jones Sensei moved to Japan to study with the premier teacher of mind-body unified Aikido, Soshu Koichi Tohei. Some years later he discovered a powerful and complementary way to work with trauma and became a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing.

Together with his wife, Lael Keen Sensei, world-renowned Rolfing professor and 5th Dan in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, they operate a healing and learning center in Florianopolis, on the island of Santa Catarina, off the South Coast of Brasil.