Weekly Adult Martial Art Classes in Ki Aikido

Our ongoing Aikido adult martial art classes are geared for a positive, safe experience for practitioners of all levels and abilities.

We mix beginners with advanced students and assistant instructors to maximize learning and exposure to a variety of experiences.

Learn a self-defense discipline that cultivates healthy, effective ways of dealing with conflict, adversity, aggression, and anxiety.

Benefits of our Adult Martial Art Classes in Aikido

Improved sense of connection

Natural self-defense movements

Increased power & mobility

True relaxation & awareness

Self-discipline &

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Adult Ki Aikido Introductory Course

Do you prefer a more structured way to begin Aikido?

Do you feel more comfortable starting with a group of other beginners?


Consider taking this Adult Intro Course, instead of joining our ongoing weekly classes.

Offered several times throughout the year, this live, in-person, 8 or 12-week course is designed specifically for adult beginners to learn Aikido with other adults.

What You’ll Do in our Aikido Adult Martial Art Classes

Breathing & relaxation practices

Mind-body coordination exercises

Ki Aikido self-defense techniques

Rolling and falling drills

Ki principles in daily life exploration

As a martial art, Aikido aims to neutralize
an attacker’s energy instead of inflicting harm.

This is done by entering into and blending with the attacker’s energy or Ki and then leading and redirecting that energy with a relaxed, but powerful flowing motion.

The result is the aggressor being thrown to the ground or held in a joint lock that neutralizes the attack. When used correctly, Aikido is an exemplary self defense form.

Masters of Aikido are among the finest martial artists
and kindest human beings in the world.

Weekly Training in our Adult Aikido Martial Arts Classes


Basic, intermediate and advanced, Aikido techniques depending on student’s ability and years of training)


Safely “receiving” techniques and learning to fall (backward and forward rolls)


Defensive applications of the bokken (wooden sword), jo (wooden staff) and tanto (knife)


Timing, blending, and ma-ai (optimal distance)


Meditation in motion sequences of several arts done with a partner

Demonstration of Ki Aikido Taigi # 1 | Performed by BKA Instructors

Ki Aikido is Meditation in Motion

Though there are plenty of books, videos, internet pages and other information about Ki training and Ki Aikido techniques to help support your learning and understanding, the frequent practice within the dojo is the central basis and main source of your progress.

Are Ready to Try Aikido?

Let’s get started!