Makko-Ho Meridian Stretches + Basic Self Care Course

6-session self care course at the One Dojo in Boulder

Basic Self Care Course | Makko-Ho Meridian Stretches with Christian Goldberg

A 6-Part Workshop Series
@ the One Dojo, 3005 Sterling Circle, Suite 105, Boulder, CO
Sundays 11:00 am – 12:30 pm | Register Now!
January 19, 26, February 2, 16, 23, & March 1, 2020
$80 All 6 Sessions | $20 each 

Christian Goldberg has blended her cross-discipline studies of bodywork, martial arts and yoga to bring you this 6-session basic self care course, which introduces you to the Makko-Ho meridian stretches.

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The Basic Self Care offered in this course is a selection of both physical and energetic exercises to support mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing in daily life. In addition to being important for improving mood and reducing anxiety, proper self care is the start of a positive relationship with oneself and others.

The Makko-Ho is a stretching sequence that follows the circadian rhythm of the meridians around the body. The entire series may be practiced daily, but even three times each week will support increased respiration, progressive flexibility and improved posture.

Both the Makko-Ho and Basic Self Care are gentle and progressive practices. Once a student learns the basic forms they may be practiced in parts or combined with each other.

Join us for this exciting, first-ever 6-part series! Register Now!


About Christian Goldberg

Your teacher for this course began the study of Zen Shiatsu in 1997. She has been an enthusiastic student and practitioner ever since, focusing on mat-based therapies, and Core Synchronism—a subtle energy modality.

Christian Goldberg self care course instructor

Christian also practices Chair Shiatsu, a style she created based on the principles of mat-based therapies, including direct compression, joint mobilization and the practitioner’s comfort.

Outside the bodywork practice, she enjoys rolling with Boulder Ki Aikido and the ongoing study of Ashtanga Yoga. IN her free time, you can find her either cooking, studying anatomy, and physiology or watching  Star Trek.

For more information, visit her website at