Tibetan Bowl & Gong Meditation @ the One Dojo

Two Inspirational Sound Events with Avilone Starre Avilone Starre blends the resonating sounds of Gongs and Tibetan bowls, with other beautiful instruments. The result is a deeply meditative journey through sound. Either laying down or sitting, eyes closed, you will find yourself being taken into transformative soundscapes that often evoke visions or colors or other sensory delights! […]

Things to be Thankful for | On Being Grateful this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2019: Things to be Thankful for Happy Thanksgiving 2019, from your friends at Boulder Ki Aikido! In celebrating Being Grateful at the One Dojo each day this month, I was reminded about the simple yet profound things for which I’m thankful—like breathing.  Being alive in the only planet humans know (for light years in […]

Aikido University Workshop 2019

You’re invited to the 2019 Aikido University Workshop        Four Great Instructors, One Great Cause Abel Villacorta | Jenn Barr | Edgar Johansson | Ron Abo 9:00am–4:30pm | Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 Naropa University Nalanda Campus | 6287 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder The Colorado School of Mines (CSM) Aikido Community Workshop is an event for multiple aikido groups […]

RMKS Fall 2019 Ki Aikido Seminar with Kashiwaya Sensei, 8th Dan

RMKS Invites all Aikidoka to Practice in CO with Kashiwaya Sensei, 8th Dan Friday, November 1 – Sunday, November 3, 2019 Ki Development & Ki Aikido Sessions for Adults, Teens, & Children We invite the Aikido community to participate in Rocky Mountain Ki Society’s (RMKS) Fall 2019 Ki Aikido Seminar with Chief Instructor (MKF), Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei, […]

Susan Chandler Sensei 2019 Summer Seminar | Aikido Friendship Seminar Series

We invite all Colorado Aikidoka to the Summer Seminar with Chandler Sensei Join Susan Chandler, M.A. & 5th degree black belt in Mind Body Unified Aikido, for a two-hour Friendship Seminar at the One Dojo in Boulder, Colorado! Open to the public! Adults of all levels and children* (ages 9-17) who currently practice or have […]

Edgar Johansson Sensei 2019 Spring Seminar | Aikido Friendship Seminar Series

We invite all Colorado Aikidoka to the Spring Seminar with Johansson Sensei Join Edgar Johansson Sensei for a three-hour Aikido Friendship Seminar at Boulder Ki Aikido! Johansson Sensei holds the rank of 5th degree black belt and is dojo-cho, founder, and president of Denver Aikikai, an affiliated dojo under the California Aikido Association. His friendly […]

February 2019 Newsletter from BKA

Jump to Feb 2019 Newsletter Content… Birth of the One Dojo BKA community comes together through Google Groups Vote for Boulder Ki Aikido in the CU & Boulder’s Best Peace Samurai Camps 2019 | Save the Dates Change of Monthly Rates, Beginning March 1, 2019 Denver Aikido Summit, Sat. March 9, 2019 Kashiwaya Sensei Ki […]

Mindfulness Training Center | The Birth of the One Dojo

A New Center for Mindfulness Training is Rising! Happy Beginnings on the Lunar Year of the Pig! This year marks the 20th year of the rebirth of the Boulder dojo of Rocky Mountain Ki Society. Less than a handful of faces remain of the original crew, but the spirit and teachings of Mind Body Aikido […]

2019 Senshin no Gyo & Sokushin no Gyo

(aka River Misogi and Bell Misogi, respectively) Sunday, January 13th, 2019 7:00 a.m. arrival @BKA dojo Prompt start thereafter, until finished, Senshin no Gyo is a ceremony that serves as a cleansing of the mind and body at the beginning of the new year. As Shinichi Tohei Sensei explains here, there are 2 primary points to the training: “If we are […]

2019 New Year’s Ki Aikido Workshop with Jones Sensei & Keen Sensei

Returning to Colorado from Florianopolis, Brazil, for ONE NIGHT ONLY, don’t miss this unique opportunity to train with the former Head Instructor of Rocky Mountain Ki Society, Russell Jones Sensei, 6th dan, and the highly accomplished Ki Aikido Instructor and uchideshi to Kashiwaya Sensei, Lael Keen Sensei, 5th dan. AT THE BOULDER KI AIKIDO DOJO […]