International Boulder Festival Ki Aikido Demonstration – 11 April 2015

Video from the International Boulder Festival at CU-Boulder | iFest 2015

Photos from the International Boulder Festival at CU-Boulder 11 April 2015

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Boulder Ki Aikido to Perform Aikido Demonstration at University of Colorado–Boulder International Festival

Saturday, April 11, 4:00 – 10:00 pm

Boulder Ki Aikido Demonstration at 5:15 pm
Glenn Miller Ballroom, University of Colorado–Boulder.

Boulder Ki Aikido is excited to announce a Ki Aikido Demonstration at the international Boulder festival, iFest 2015, CU Boulder’s largest student event on campus. Come celebrate a colorful tapestry of cultures from around the world. iFest 2015 is FREE and open to the public.

Organized by and for University of Colorado–Boulder international students, the CU International Festival has been around since 1991, and has continued to successfully promote diversity among students and the entire community. The festival has gotten bigger every year, with over 30 countries participating and over 4,000 people.

International booths and free food samples will be available. Exact time of BKA demo to be determined, probably between 4 and 6 p.m. More details on the Festival at


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NOTE TO DEMO PERFORMERS (and their families)

BKA performers and families will meet at 3:45 at the UMC’s Glenn Miller Ballroom for the International Festival and Boulder Ki Aikido’s demo 3:45 pm – Performers will meet on the street in front of the UMC to meet us and help with the mats. If you can get there a few minutes early, please follow the signs to the Aspen Room/performer’s entrance, check in, get your admissions token (a wrist band, I think), and pick up one cart for hauling the mats and wheel that to the street.  (NOTE: Parents and siblings who are NOT performing do not go in through this door.)

It is also the responsibility of parents of child performers that they will NOT be allowed to enter the event through the performers’ entrances unless they are also performing. We recommend that parents arrive at the event at 4 pm. and definitely no later than 4:30 pm, so they can wait in line with the public to enter the event.

ONLY performers (who will be up on the stage entertaining the crowd) will be allowed to enter the event through the performers’ entrances. The 2015 IFest Committee reserves the right to redirect people to the public entrance if they require extra admission tokens or will not be performing on stage with your group.

Last but not least, ALL performers are expected to leave the event after their performance is over. At the exit after your performance is over, your admission token will be collected. If your group or individuals from your groups wish to stay at the event, they must leave, and re-enter by waiting in line with the rest of the public. Prompt departure and return of admission tokens is requested to ensure fire code standards are being followed, otherwise the IFC may be heavily fined and the event shut down.