{ ki aikido class registration made easy with zen planner }

Simplify Ki Aikido Class Registration with Zen Planner iPhone & Android Apps


This simple step of pre-registration helps teachers at BKA…

  • Plan appropriate class content (and schedule additional teachers as needed)
  • Expedite the attendance process (taking roll)
  • Maintain a record of the amount of hours attended by each student
  • Know when a student reaches certain milestones (such as rank advancement opportunities)

Reserving in advance helps YOU…

  • Respectfully notify instructors of your plan to attend (at least 24 hours ahead of class start is requested)
  • Check in faster (reserving ahead pops you up to the top of the class list, instead of scrolling through hundreds of faces)
  • Guarantee your spot in class
  • Maintain a good student to teacher ratio as the community grows (the system will begin to limit class sizes and offer to put you on a waiting list, if limits are reached).

Download the Class Registration App to Your iPhone, Android or Tablet

You’ll need your Boulder Ki Aikido Zen Planner login info, once you download your class registration app. Begin to get familiar with it as soon as possible. If you cannot find your login and would like to set a new password, click here.

Please text us at 720.288. 0233, if you have any questions about using this app, how your current membership or schedule is setup (or grab a staff member next time you’re in and we’ll take a look).

Use the Zen Planner app to:

  • View the current BKA calendar
  • Reserve your spot in class or join a waitlist
  • View class details and instructor bios
  • See who else is coming to your favorite class
  • Add and manage your saved credit cards
  • View details about your membership access
  • Update your profile and display options
  • View and manage your upcoming reservations
  • Use your “account balance” to pay for items (you can now hold money on your account to use later)