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Ki Aikido Classes this fall and more!

Train to be your very best at the One Dojo this fall.

Welcome back from summer vacation! I trust you had a wonderful time reconnecting with nature, family, and friends.

As we return to the One Dojo this fall, I want to update you on some of the exciting new classes we will be offering and other important changes happening at Boulder Ki Aikido.

Let’s Stay Healthy & Open

As we come up on one and a half years since COVID became a reality, many of us continue to feel the pressure on our physical, emotional and social wellbeing. As the summer wanes, we’re once again deep in the midst of uncertainty, constantly needing to adapt.

This is a perfect time to boost the Ki in our bodies by eating lots of fresh, colorful, nutrient-rich foods, taking immune-strengthening vitamins, supplements and adaptogens, resting plenty, drinking lots of water, and spending time outdoors connecting with nature. It’s key to keep our minds positive, too! Choose activities that lift your spirit (like aikido) and stay clear of ones that create fear and anxiety.

Our Current Approach to COVID

As always, we recommend you stay home, rest, get strong, even when you FEEL THE SLIGHTEST SYMPTOMS OF BEING SICK.

As per guidance from Boulder County, released August 10, 2021, mask wearing is now mandatory for all students, ages 5-17, when attending indoor Ki Aikido extra-curricular classes.

Since we want to be able to keep doing full contact Ki Aikido indoors, Boulder Ki Aikido teachers and assistants have agreed that mask wearing will also be required for anyone attending Adult Classes (ages 18 and up).

Wearing masks applies to all attendees, spectators, assistants and instructors while at the One Dojo.

We will continue to ventilate the dojo frequently, opening our doors between classes; run fans, air purifiers and HVAC; clean and sanitize the mats and common areas daily; and maintain hand sanitizer for use by students and guests at the One Dojo.

Individuals who cannot medically tolerate a face mask should contact Villacorta Sensei directly to discuss other options.

New Branding on Zen Planner App

You may have noticed our new ONE DOJO look on our Zen Planner schedule and class registration portal. Perhaps you noticed this while trying to register for classes!

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Changing our branding also meant changing our Zen Planner domain. Thus, your previously bookmarked links are no longer valid.

Here are two links you may want to keep handy:



The new branding is part or our vision for the One Dojo this fall—to be home to a variety of mindfulness disciplines, all genuinely dedicated to oneness and the refinement of the human spirit.

Come Experience Morning Hatha Yoga!

Designed to help you get real, open, heal and brighten.

As part of our One Dojo class expansion this fall, we’re thrilled to bring you a deep form of Hatha Yoga, one with the power to positively transform your everyday.

Morning Hatha Yoga with Victoria this week!

Practice is designed to get to the core of what we’re doing, in every moment of every day. We’re either indulging in our closures or we’re shining through our limits into something really good, for us and for the rest of the world. This is the practice that I bring to you. I look forward to seeing you on the mat! ~ Victoria Guidi

Begin your day feeling real, grounded, and energized!

Tuesdays & Thursdays
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM

@ the One Dojo
Register for Your First Month of Classes Only $50 (8 sessions) Regularly $120)
Drop-ins $15 (class calendar)



New Boulder Ki Aikido Classes!

This fall, we are returning to our pre-COVID schedule, with hour-long classes, instead of our previous hour and 15 minute slots. We’re opening time for more classes and more students to join us at Boulder Ki Aikido.

We’ve added back a dedicated CHILD-PARENT KI AIKIDO ALL-LEVELS class for 6-9 year olds and their parents on Mondays & Wednesdays at 4pm and Saturdays at 11am. Join us!

We’re also adding a NEW EARLY ELEMENTARY CHILD-PARENT POD on Thursdays at 4pm for children ages 5-8 and their parents. To allow children to try out the 12-week course, which starts the Thursday after Labor Day, we’re offering two trial days in the next two weeks. NEW STUDENTS who would like to check out the rhythm of these classes may use the Two for $25 trial membership, then sign up for the classes on Thu. Aug. 26 and/or Thu. Sep. 1, 2021.

Starting Monday, Sep. 13th at 7pm, we’ll be launching a 12-WEEK INTRODUCTORY KI AIKIDO Course for Adults (teens may join, too) at the One Dojo. Each Week we’ll introduce students to a new concept and practice it during the Monday-Wednesday sessions. Each class will include both Ki Development and a Ki Aikido. Practice will include Ki Development, breathing and relaxation, mind and body coordination exercises, Ki Aikido self defense arts, as well as daily life application of Ki principles.

Reply to sign up or please be a star and help spread the word. We truly appreciate your energy in sharing your love of BKA with your friends and family!

Schedule your Private Lessons!


After a good vacation this summer, I am ready to start connecting with some of you one-on-one at the One Dojo.

Children, tweens, teens, adults, and families (ages 6 & up) can now sign up for private lessons in Ki Aikido and Ki Development. Private martial arts lessons are perfect for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of this subtle art.

Together, we tailor the class content to your needs, depending on your goals, age, mind-body and Ki Aikido development. We then move forward at your pace.

Personal Ki Aikido training is ideal for:

  • People who cannot make regularly scheduled group classes
  • People who learn better on a 1:1 level
  • Entrepreneurs, homeschooling children and people with flexible day schedules

Private Ki Aikido lessons for both adults and children can be scheduled Monday through Saturday. See the Adult Private Lesson Calendar or the Children’s Private Lesson Calendar for available time slots.




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