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TWO TRIAL CLASSES! | Thursday, March 3, 2022

KI AIKIDO for Homeschoolers | 9:30–10:45am

CHESS for Homeschoolers | 11:00am–12:30pm

This is your child’s opportunity to try out two great classes at One Dojo.


Have fun in a safe, constructive environment. Designed specifically for children to play and learn Aikido with other homeschooling children. Enjoy practicing Ki Aikido arts, Ki principles, drills, and games.

THIS CLASS IS A TRIAL CLASS. Come have fun, learn Ki Aikido and see if you would like to learn this art on an ongoing basis.

Click for more info & to sign up for the KI AIKIDO TRIAL CLASS

CHESS with TOBER | 8-13yo

Gather your chess boards and bring your thinking caps for this fun chess lesson for homeschoolers. Tober Schorr will lead students, ages 8-13, who have some basic knowledge of chess, to learn and practice strategies that will help improve your game.

THIS IS A TRIAL CLASS to determine whether your child enjoys this setting and class content. Students who would like to continue will need to sign up for the 8-session course.

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Homeschooling Group | Ki Aikido Class Description

Have fun in a safe, constructive environment. Get in shape. Build confidence. Improve focus. Enhance personal safety. Fall down… and get back up! Sweat, Smile & Laugh!

This class is designed specifically for homeschooling children, who have more flexibility in their schedule, and do not have to attend traditional after-school activities. Children will meet and interact with other homeschooling children in the Boulder area.

Please call/text ahead:  720. 288.0233. A short interview with the child (& parent) is recommended prior to the first class. No prior knowledge is required for participation. 12:1 maximum student:teacher/assistant ratio.


In the Homeschooling Group Class, your child will learn to:

homeschooling group children martial arts course image
  •  Calm their minds
  •  Direct their energy positively
  •  Develop self-confidence
  •  Always do their best

What your child will do:

  • Stretching
  • Rolling
  • Ki Aikido self-defense techniques
  • Ki Meditation & Ki Breathing techniques

What your child will get:

  • Relaxation & Awareness
  • Patience & Confidence
  • Strength & Endurance
  • Flexibility & Balance
  • Increased Safety & Security

Child-Parent Homeschooling Group Class Option

Learn the Fundamental Principles & Techniques of Ki Aikido

The Child-Parent Ki Aikido class is a unique opportunity for both parents and children to play, stretch and develop techniques and strategies that strengthen their bodies and their relationships, both on and off the mat. In a much broader sense, the goal of Ki Aikido is to unify mind and body, improving our awareness of and connection with both ourselves and the world around us.

This short video gives a glimpse into the Child-Parent Ki Aikido classes. Reaching and teaching children of all ages in our Boulder community, about the importance of Ki Aikido as a peace-making tool in daily life, is a focus of Boulder Ki Aikido. We hold Boulder Summer Camps and a Spring Break Camp for children each year. For more information on the Peace Samurai™ camps, visit Boulder Summer Camps–Ki Aikido for Children.