Weekly Kids & Teens Martial Art Classes in Ki Aikido

Our ongoing Aikido kids and teens martial art classes are geared for a positive, safe experience for kids and teens of all levels and abilities.

Learn a self-defense discipline that cultivates healthy, effective ways of dealing with conflict, adversity, aggression, and anxiety.

Benefits of our Kids Martial Art Classes in Aikido

Develop a sense of of self

Learn how to move ones body

Get in touch with your mind

Interact with kids and teens your age

Develop confidence & discipline

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Boulder Ki Aikido class for children
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What You’ll Do in our Kids & Teens Martial Art Classes

Breathing & relaxation practices

Mind-body coordination exercises

Ki Aikido self-defense techniques

Rolling and falling drills

Ki principles in daily life exploration

As a martial art, Aikido aims to understand the nature of ki energy and how to use it effectively

Students learn how to use ki energy as a means to harmonize conflict

By finding your center you become immovable to any outside force.

Aikido help kids and teens to develop a greater sense of self as they move into their place in the wolrd.

Ki Aikido is Meditation in Motion

Ki Aikido facilitates deeper learning and understanding of you mind body through the art of movement

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