Martial Arts Dojo locations

Boulder Ki Aikido is conveniently located at One Dojo, just off Valmont, near the 55th St Post Office. Plenty of parking on the property as well as off the street.

See below for other Boulder Ki Aikido martial art dojo locations in Boulder, Colorado, as well as sister dojos in the Rocky Mountain region.

Boulder Ki Aikido Main Dojo Address:

3005 STERLING CIRCLE, SUITE 150, BOULDER, CO 80301 (next to Elite Dance Studio)

Directions to the main Boulder Ki Aikido dojo (Click here for Google directions)

Rocky Mountain Ki Society | Colorado Ki Aikido Martial Art Dojo Locations

As part of Boulder Ki Aikido’s affiliation with Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido Kai, we are part of a larger family of ki aikido martial arts dojos in the Colorado Front Range. Rocky Mountain Ki Society is our parent Colorado organization, teaching Ki and Ki Aikido classes at three other locations:

More Ki Aikido Dojos in the United States and Abroad