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Sign Up for Private Martial Arts Lessons. Take Your Ki Aikido to a New Level!

Private martial arts lessons in ki aikido: Abel instructing child

Get the Best Personal Attention on Your Aikido Journey

Children, tweeners, teenagers, adults, and families (ages 6 & up) can now sign up for private lessons in Ki Aikido and Ki Development.

Propel your learning by taking advantage of Abel Villacorta Sensei’s 25+ years of experience. Our private martial arts lessons are perfect for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of this subtle art. Villacorta Sensei tailors the classes to each student, depending on their age and/or their mind-body development, and moves forward at their pace.

Personal Ki Aikido training is ideal for:

  • People who cannot make regularly scheduled group classes

  • People who learn better on a 1:1 level

  • Entrepreneurs, homeschooling children and people with flexible day schedules

Private martial arts lessons in ki aikido: Villacorta Sensei instructing adult

Private Ki Aikido lessons for both adults and children can be scheduled Monday through Saturday. See the Adult Private Lesson Calendar or the Children’s Private Lesson Calendar for available time slots. Please inquire about additional hours, which on occasion, can be made available.

Dojo Director and Head Instructor at Boulder Ki Aikido, Villacorta Sensei is 4th Degree Black Belt in Shinshin Toitsu (Mind Body Unified) Aikido, and Chuden (2nd degree black belt) in Ki Development. 

Register for Private Martial Arts Sessions

  • Private martial arts classes are $85 for a one hour class, or get a discounted 4-Pack of four 1-hour sessions for $300 ($75 each class).

  • You can purchase the 4-Pack here or the single lesson here.

  • Once you have purchase your membership of choice, make an appointment using our Zen Planner online registration system.

If you have any questions, special circumstances, or other details you’d like to inquire about, be sure to reach out to us using our Boulder Ki Aikido contact form, or call/text 720.288. 0233.