Let’s Stay Healthy & Open

Updated April 10, 2022

Here’s the latest update on COVID protocols and other details at Boulder Ki Aikido.

Read this post from top to bottom prior to coming to your next BKA class. We truly look forward to seeing your smile soon!

Since COVID disrupted everyone’s life, more than two years ago, we at Boulder Ki Aikido have remained calm, positive, and steadfast in staying healthy and open. We continue to follow Boulder County Health department requirements for gyms and are ready to flow with changes as they present themselves.

As transmission of colds, flu, and other respiratory illnesses rise, we can all take initiative and boost the Ki in our bodies. Eat lots of fresh, colorful, nutrient-rich foods, taking immune-strengthening vitamins, supplements and adaptogens, rest plenty, drink lots of water, and spend time outdoors, grounding and connecting with nature. It’s key to keep our minds positive, too. Choose activities that lift your spirit (like Aikido) and stay clear of ones that create fear and anxiety.

Our Current Approach to COVID

To enable us to keep BKA open and stay healthy, all students and teachers are asked to observe these simple measures:

DO NOT COME TO CLASS IF YOU FEEL THE SLIGHTEST SYMPTOMS OF BEING SICK. Choose to stay home, boost your immune system and get lots of rest!

MASKS ARE OPTIONAL and may be worn during class, if desired.

Wash your hands prior to class. You may use hand sanitizer during practice, especially before changing partners.

All students will be asked to take part in keeping dojo clean and disinfected after each class.

Advance Reservation is Required

If you are the only one interested in attending a class AND have not signed up ahead of time, the class will not be available. If you have not made a reservation, CALL or TEXT Villacorta Sensei to double check.

Reservations help us plan class content according to the diverse proficiency of pre-registered attendees, and also allow us to have sufficient instructors for classes.

Special Notes for Classes

Reserve your spot at least 60 minutes before class.

Take your shoes off as you enter One Dojo; tuck them neatly in the shoe rack or under the bench.

Bring your own water bottle. Purified water will be available.

Come dressed in your uniform to class if you prefer not to use the changing rooms.

Our men’s and women’s changing rooms are intended to be shared by several practitioners. We keep them clean throughout the week; please be tidy and show respect for others.

You may also use the bathrooms to change; there are 2 bathrooms upstairs, on the second floor of the building, in addition to the two in the lobby. These are cleaned weekly and are shared with other building tenants and guests.

DO NOT TOUCH ANY OF THE EQUIPMENT in the dojo unless Sensei gives permission.

Garage door may be opened to ventilate the dojo throughout the day, as may the side door of the studio (when the weather outside is cooperative)

The HEPA-filtered HVAC system provides air flow; additional ventilation may be provided by fans.

Students who attend indoor classes will be part of a cleaning crew who will take care of cleaning duties.

social distancing classes martial arts outdoors image in boulder park


You will be expected to do your part to volunteer to clean the mats or other surfaces; do not wait for someone to ask you for help, volunteer—intoku (benevolence).

You may be asked to:

Wet-mop mats after class.

Wipe down door knobs, light switches, etc.

Vacuum lounge area and blue mats inside dojo.

Wipe down weapons

Other cleaning tasks as instructed by BKA teachers and leaders.

Sending you positive energy and truly looking forward to seeing you soon,
Abel Villacorta  |  One Dojo Director & Lead Instructor