Social Distancing Classes @ Boulder Ki Aikido: Reserve Now!

This past year, people of all walks of life, from all corners of the globe, have felt the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic on our physical, emotional and social wellbeing. We have been in a long, strange period of uncertainty, hunkering down, constantly needing to adapt to the new paradigm. The Ki Aikido teachings of centeredness, calmness, connection and agility have been extremely helpful in dealing, fluidly and positively, with the adversity we continue to face today.

Here’s the latest update on how we’re reintegrating back to the “new normal” at Boulder Ki Aikido. Read this post from top to bottom prior to coming to any BKA class. We truly look forward to seeing your smile soon!

Advance Reservation is Now Required!

    • If you are the only one interested in attending a class AND have not signed up ahead of time, the class will not be available.
    • If you have not made a reservation, you may CALL or TEXT Villacorta Sensei to double check.
    • Due to space limitations, until further notice, the limit on attendees for classes is as follows:
    • DOJO classes: 11 students plus instructor (12 total). IMPORTANT: If you arrive without pre-registering to an already full DOJO class, you will not be able to join on the mat.
    • PARK classes: 12 students (waitlist available)
    • ZOOM classes: 12 students (waitlist available)
  • Reservations are now required because we need time to:
    • Plan class content depending on diverse levels of attendees
    • Make sufficient instructors available for all classes
    • Sanely work through this ever-changing COVID response.

Our Approach to All Social Distancing Classes

To enable us to keep BKA open and operate safely, during all social distancing classes, indoors at One DOJO or outdoors at a nearby PARK, all BKA students and teachers will observe social distancing measures, as outlined herein.

  • WEAR MASKS! Masks are mandatory for everyone 11 years old or more (and highly recommended for anyone 10 or under, but not required).
  • Remain at least 6 feet apart, unless other person is from the same household, social circle or you have received permission from them to come into contact.
  • During class, instructors may select members of the same family/household, who may be asked to come in contact with each other, to help demonstrate movements clearly for other students.
  • Wash your hands prior to class, use hand sanitizer during practice, especially before changing partners.
  • We recommend students bring or purchase & their own jo and bokken for maximum safety. We will also have weapons on hand for students to use. Students will be responsible for the weapons assigned to them for the duration of the class and will need to wipe down dojo weapons before and after class.
  • All students will be asked to take part in keeping dojo clean and disinfected after each class.

Special Notes for Indoor Social Distancing Classes

  • Eleven (11) students per class maximum. Reserve your spot at least the day before.
  • Bring FULL water bottles (2 are recommended for long classes).
  • Drop-off is ideal. Wear a mask when coming into the building. Please avoid congregating in the lounge area, and do your best to maintain a 6-foot distance from non-family members.
  • Coming dressed to class is preferable. If you forget your uniform, that’s ok, as long as you can move in the clothing you came with, and it doesn’t have hard/sharp buttons or rivets that could scratch you or the mats (sweat pants and leggings are great; jeans, not so much)
  • Though our changing rooms are open, and keep this area sanitized throughout the week, you take full responsibility for the use of the space.
  • You may also use the bathrooms to change; there are 2 bathrooms upstairs, on the second floor of the building, in addition to the two in the lobby. These are cleaned weekly and are shared with other building tenants and guests.
  • Once inside, move immediately to the One Dojo mat room and find your spot, at least 6 feet from the next person. Each mat is ~ 6 ft. long by 3 ft. wide.
  • Six rectangular spaces are delineated by blue tape. Each rectangle fits two practitioners who may commingle, only if they are from the same household or social circle; otherwise split the space into two, marked by blue tape.
  • DO NOT TOUCH ANY OF THE EQUIPMENT in the dojo unless Sensei gives the OK.
  • Garage door will be left open, as will the side door of the dojo, when the weather outside is cooperative, to make sure we get good ventilation throughout the day.
  • Additional ventilation will be served by electric fans throughout the day and before and after class times. The HVAC system will also circulate air flow.
  • Class times will be adjusted with more time between classes to get one class out and cleaned before the next one arrives.
  • Students who attend indoor classes will be part of a cleaning crew who will take care of cleaning duties.

social distancing classes martial arts outdoors image in boulder park

Types of Social Distancing Classes Available at BKA

  • ZOOM | Online Classes
    • Get your favorite home space ready!
  • PARK | Outdoor Group Classes @ Local Boulder Park
    • No contact, 6’ distancing unless of the same household, with masks. Bring weapons if you have them.
    • Classes will be held as long as weather cooperates. Check the schedule, call or TEXT (preferable method) during questionable weather, and dress appropriately with sunblock, shell, bug spray, etc.
    • Curriculum will be more weapons focussed, but with typical warmups, stretching and some rolls, so wear clothes that can tolerate grass stains
    • These classes will not be available on Zoom
  • DOJO | Indoor Group Classes @ One Dojo (some simulcast via Zoom*)
    • Only Abel-Sensei will be teaching indoors at this time
    • Classes will be 50 minutes with mandatory 10 minute post-class cleaning to wet-mop mats and wipe down other flat surfaces. 
    • Come dressed to practice rather than change at the dojo. 
    • Indoor classes will be for adults & teens, as well as for children and parents. NOTE IMPORTANT AGE RESTRICTION: Children ages 6–9 will only be allowed to attend in person with Sensei’s permission ahead of time. This is to make sure the minimum required social distance is met by each child; parental support is appreciated. If you feel your child can attend indoor group class and guarantee social distancing protocol is observed, please contact Sensei to request permission to attend.
    • Class content may focus more on rolling, ukemi and shadow aikido than on weapons
    • *Whenever possible, we will live stream in-dojo classes on Zoom
  • DOJO, PARK or ZOOM | Private Classes
    • Indoors, outdoors, or Zoom for individuals or small family groups. Please make arrangements directly with Villacorta Sensei for these via text or email.
  • DOJO, PARK or ZOOM | Semi-Private Classes for Social Distancing Pods or Buddy Groups
    • Intended for individual children or adults, or entire family groups, who have committed to being ‘social distancing buddies,’ limiting contact with other families. We are happy to discuss setting up semi-private classes of up to 8 students. Masks will still be required, as described above, but level of contact can be discussed.


  • Wipe down weapons before replacing them on racks
  • Wet-mop mats after every class. You will be expected to do your part to volunteer to clean the mats or other surfaces; do not wait for someone to ask you for help, volunteer—intoku (benevolence).
  • Wipe down door knobs, light switches at beginning and end of classes.
  • Vacuum clean lounge are and blue mats inside dojo.

Sending you positive energy and truly looking forward to seeing you soon,
Abel Villacorta  |  Dojo Director & Lead Instructor

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