Sound Bath Meditation for Mother Earth | Three New Moon Sessions

Fine Tune Your Spirit with Sound Bath Meditations on 1st 3 New Moons of the Lunar New Year!

The New Moon Sessions: Sound Immersions with Avilone Starre

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A 3-Part Sound Bath Meditation Series Honoring Mother Earth
Sundays 4:00 – 6:00 pm | Register Here
February 23, March 22, April 19, 2020
Early Bird $15 per session, $20 after
the One Dojo, 3005 Sterling Circle, Suite 150, Boulder, CO

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Tune Your Mind-Body Vessel & Align Yourself with Your True Purpose

Avilone Starre blends the resonating sounds of gongs and Tibetan bowls, with other beautiful instruments. The result is a deeply meditative journey through sound. Either laying down or sitting, eyes closed, you will find yourself being taken into transformative soundscapes that often evoke visions or colors or other sensory delights.

“Drums, Rainsticks, Gongs, bells, chanting and feathers are used to help you travel (journey) to that place of peace and healing, in a totally safe and grounded place.”

This magical time is a perfect opportunity to strengthen new beginnings. Hold yourself accountable for making sure new intentions take hold.

Each sound bath meditation will focus on synching our inner energies with who we want to be this year. During each new moon, we’ll take time to reflect back on old goals. We’ll observe if we are on track or if we are falling back on old grooves.

Offer Your Healing, Loving Prayers to Mother Earth! 

For the future of humanity to thrive, Mother Earth needs each one of us to chart a new course, one that honors the very ecosystem that sustains us. Set your intentions in line with Mother Earth this year!

Powerful New Moon Sound Bath Meditations on the Lunar Year of the Rat

Sound Bath Meditation at One Dojo Boulder with Avilone Starre imageA new moon represents new beginnings and is a great time to start anew and refresh your vision for the future. Additionally, in the Chinese calendar, this year marks a new beginning as a new cycle of the 12 zodiac signs resets.

The Rat calls for calculated, well thought-out decision making to minimize risks and maximize chances of success. As the new zodiac cycle begins, all commitments made this year will influence the next 12 years!

This is a powerful time to reset your mind-body vessel and a deeply transformative way to participate in the powerful new moon energies. During these sound bath meditations, we’ll use the energy of the new moon to fortify our goal-setting intentions and align ourselves with our true purpose.

The New Moon Sessions combine the blissful vibrations of gongs, bowls, voice and more.

“Gongs are like ancient healing beings, with such powerful voices! People have experienced physical as well as emotional clearings. The muscles in our bodies tend to relax and lengthen during a session where gongs are played. This results in increased blood circulation (great for our hearts), actual adjustments and an overall, bodily relaxation response that aids in better digestion, elimination and sounder sleep.”



Bring blankets, pillows, meditation cushions, back jacks and eye-covers to make a cozy, comfortable nest for yourself during the session. Please bring a crystal or object from nature for our altar.

About Avilone Starre

avilone starre gong meditation sound immersionAvilone Starre lives in Boulder and offers Sound Immersions. She primarily plays her Symphonic Gong, showcasing it’s amazing range of “voices!” She adds in Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, rattles, rainsticks and more indigenous instruments as she is intuitively called to. Her Sound Immersions carry frequencies of transformation for each and every person in attendance.