Enjoy a Special Two-Hour Ki Aikido Workshop this Saturday!

Join us this weekend for a two-hour Ki Aikido Workshop with visiting 5th degree black belt instructor, Mort Melman, Head Instructor of Franklin Ki Aikido

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Train with Mort Melman Sensei, 5th Dan Ki Aikido

Inspired by his decades-long experience training with Mark Rubbert Sensei and Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei, among others, Melman Sensei’s approach to sharing his understanding of Ki Aikido is light, approachable and profound.

Two great back-to-back opportunities to stretch your mind (and body) and have fun practicing Ki Aikido in person with other Ki Aikidoka. 

Saturday, August 28, 2021 @ 10 & 11 am

FREE with your current Boulder Ki Aikido membership!
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Having trouble registering or have questions? Text us at 720.288. 0233.

Our two regularly scheduled Sat. classes have moved to 10 & 11 am, respectively!*

10:00–10:55 am | KI AIKIDO WORKSHOP SESSION 1 | ALL-LEVELS ages 12+* (RESERVE)
11:00–11:55 am | KI AIKIDO WORKSHOP SESSION 2 | ALL-LEVELS ages 12+* (RESERVE)

*Both sessions are open to Adults and anyone age 12 and up, regardless of Ki Aikido rank. Additionally, aikidoka age 9 and up, ranked 7th kyu or higher may also attend (orange belt with 2 blue stripes and up). Parents are welcome, too! For this event, the ADULT KI AIKIDO All-Levels and the TWEENS & TEENS KI AIKIDO Intermediate sessions (as listed on the calendar) will both be KI AIKIDO ALL-LEVELS classes.

At the One Dojo, 3005 Sterling Circle, Suite 150, Boulder, CO 80301
(near Valmont Dog & Bike Park, off 55th & Valmont)

All attendees, spectators, assistants and instructors please wear a mask during this Ki Aikido Workshop.

About Mort Melman Sensei

Mort Melman Sensei is currently the Head Instructor of Franklin Ki Aikido in Somerset, New Jersey. He is a certified Assistant Lecturer for Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido Kai in Japan, holds a 5th degree black belt in Mind-Body-Unified Aikido and Joden rank in Ki Development.

Melman Sensei was first introduced to Aikido in 1973 while studying Shorin Ryu, but became an official Ki Aikido student in 1985. His primary influences have been Mark Rubbert Sensei from St. Louis Ki Society, and Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei, Chief Instructor of Midland Ki Federation. Additionally, over the last 35 years, he has also had the privilege of training with many highly accomplished Ki Aikido instructors such as Shinichi Tohei Sensei, Christopher Curtis Sensei, David Shaner Sensei, Jonathan Eley Sensei, George Simcox Sensei, and William Reed Sensei.


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