Ki Aikido for Teens

(ages 13-18)


Teens looking for a way to channel their energy in a positive way will find a great home at Boulder Ki Aikido.

Going beyond self-defense, this martial art teaches life skills such as learning how to be aware of our energy, to embrace conflict and how to transform it.

What your child will get:

Relaxation & Awareness

Patience & Confidence

Strength & Endurance


Increased Safety

Balance and Agility

What your child will do:

  • Stretching
  • Rolling
  • Ki Aikido self-defense techniques
  • Ki Meditation & Ki Breathing technique (with other children, moms, dads, and instructors)


“Thank you, Sensei, for the gift of this Dojo! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this group of incredible people.”

Joe B., Westminster, CO
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Four Classes for $40

Enjoy your first four Ki Aikido Classes for only $10 each!
Each participant must have a trial membership.
Choose from our regularly scheduled...

  • Adult classes for ONE participant (ages 18+)
  • Children’s classes for ONE participant (ages 5+)
  • Child-Parent classes for ONE participant (one parent/guardian OR one child, ages 5+). Each student must have a membership.