Joe B., Westminster, CO

“Thank you, Sensei, for the gift of this Dojo! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this group of incredible people.”

Matt A., Longmont, CO

A fantastic experience with your class! – I love the way you interact with the kids and the kindness you have shown Fin. We love the community that our family has been welcomed into… We love what you are building here!

Chris H., Boulder, CO

A sense of balance and power – “I have been able to diffuse incoming challenges and extend myself successfully—consciously using, practicing and appreciating the sense of balance and power I gleaned from your classes.”

Erin R., Louisville, CO

Perform with Confidence – “We had a whirlwind day. Owen did his first aikido testing this morning and then did a public [violin] performance… I told the boys, ‘I have to give O a lot of credit for giving two great performances today…’ Owen said right away, ‘And I have to give aikido a lot of credit for teaching me […]

Jeri Y., Boulder, CO

Remaining calm in conflict – “Excellent workshop!  Our Peer Mediators learned a new and key strategy to keep a calm mind and body in the face of conflict.  A very useful skill as a peace keeper!  They were all so tuned in to your instruction and  excited with the outcome! Thank you!”

Sheryl P., Longmont, CO

A special presence of mind and body – “Our heartfelt gratitude… for the work that you do with Aikido. After ten years on this planet, E. has dropped into his body because of your class and your teachings. We see a grace in him that we have never seen before, and we can see his confidence […]

Frank K., Boulder, CO

“Aikido is wonderful martial art to increase awareness, balance and self-confidence–it can open vistas in how one relates to the world. Ki Aikido was able to quickly and effectively demonstrate the phenomenon and power of Ki. From a more behavioral, psychological perspective, Ki Aikido would appear to be an effective vehicle to enhance wellness and stress […]

T. N., Boulder, CO

Connecting to Inner Strengths – “We are blessed to have you for Alex. He loves your classes and Aikido! Thank you for the wonderful energy you give to the children. You open their hearts and connect them to the inner strengths, possibilities and so much more.”