Things to be Thankful for | On Being Grateful this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2019: Things to be Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving 2019, from your friends at Boulder Ki Aikido!

In celebrating Being Grateful at the One Dojo each day this month, I was reminded about the simple yet profound things for which I’m thankful—like breathing. 

Being alive in the only planet humans know (for light years in every direction), which allows me to wake up to the perfect amount of oxygen, is precious. No space suit needed. At 21% oxygen, the perfectly balanced ecosystem of Mother Earth allows my body to hold me in perfect homeostasis. 

This planet is a one-of-a-kind gem, and I am reminded of changes I still need to make to help nurture our delicate habitat.

Being able to exercise our own humanity, mind and body, through the embodied empathy practice of Ki Aikido is another beautiful gift this world has given me.

In the flow of practicing empathy, listen to this inspiring Hidden Brain podcast, The Empathy Gym. It features half-Peruvian, half-Pakistani American psychologist from Stanford University, Jamil Zaki.

Things to be Thankful for | Being Grateful on Thanksgiving 2019

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Zaki posits that empathy is like a muscle—it can be strengthened with exercise and it can atrophy when idle. Like Zaki, I am optimistic about the fate of humanity and have found that empathy isn’t a fixed trait, but a practice.

I feel blessed to have had Mind Body Unified Aikido appear in my life. I like to think of Ki Aikido as “yoga in relationship to other humans.” It has become a practice of empathy for me, challenging me to be more present, just, and peaceful in my life.

Just before sunrise, slowing down, sitting down to ki breathe this morning, I once again reflected on the things in life for which I am grateful. 

The Universe has gifted me with health, awareness, and embraced me with the love of my precious family; they fuel me with joy and laughter every day, despite occasional meltdowns ;-). This bliss is held in our warm, cozy home, and nestled in the safe, conscientious community of Boulder, Colorado. 

Being surrounded by generous, heart-centered friends, family and our Boulder Ki Aikido community, I feel abundantly blessed.

Here’s wishing you a truly beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday. May you make time to slow down and feel the the infinite blessings in our lives. 

~ Abel Villacorta, Dojo Director & Lead Instructor

We have many things to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, from your local empathy gym!

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