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Getting Started is Simple

1. SIGN UP for the martial arts deal BELOW

2. RESERVE a spot in the class in our CLASS SCHEDULE

3. CHECK IN 15 minutes before class at the DOJO

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Four Classes for $40

Enjoy your first four Ki Aikido Classes for only $10 each!
Each participant must have a trial membership.
Choose from our regularly scheduled...

  • Adult classes for ONE participant (ages 18+)
  • Children’s classes for ONE participant (ages 5+)
  • Child-Parent classes for ONE participant (one parent/guardian OR one child, ages 5+). Each student must have a membership.

Preparing for Your First Class

You must reserve your spot at least one hour before each class. Every time!


Review our Class Calendar

(or Download our Zen Planner App on your mobile phone. It will save you a ton of time in the long run.)


Click on the Ki Aikido class you plan to attend


Sign in using the email and password you created during sign-up


Light stretchy pants and shirt (gym clothes), “dogi” or “gi” for short (martial arts uniform) for the long term (available here). Unless you have practiced martial arts before, we recommend starting out with the Lightweight Gi.


Be kind to our environment by bringing a full refillable water bottle to every class. We’ve got plenty of filtered water at the dojo. Most importantly, bring your smile and an open mind!

Questions? Call or text 720. 288.0233. We’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

FAQ: About Our Best Martial Arts Deals

I’m a complete beginner, can I start anytime?

Yes, beginners are welcome to start anytime throughout the year. To make your first day as welcoming as possible, text or call us at 720. 288.0233 after purchasing your Trial Offer; you’ll get the welcoming, personalized attention and support of BKA’s instructors, assistant instructors and senior students.

Is this offer only good for new students?

Trials Offers are open only to any new student who has never taken Ki Aikido with Boulder Ki Aikido before. Returning students who have take a hiatus and would like to return must purchase one of our regular monthly memberships or  punch card.

Why don’t you offer a “First Class Free”?

Ki Aikido is an art. To appreciate the breadth of its offering, it takes patience, practice and perseverance. We therefore do not offer FREE one-class trials. Over the years, we have found you’ll get much more out of your experience when you have skin in the game and commit at least a couple of weeks to immersing yourself in the practice.

Can I use one trial offer, then continue onto another trial offer?

No, using multiple Trial Offers in succession is not permitted. Only one Trial Offer may be used by new students.

Can the trial offers be used for other events, camps and courses?

No, the Trial Offers above may only be used for regularly scheduled classes and may not be used for any Courses, Camps, Private lessons or special events. We reserve the right to refuse the use of these offers for any special event or curriculum.

What should I do to prepare for my first class?

Check out the section below, Preparing for Your First Class, to find out what you need to bring and what you should do to get ready for a positive start.

Do I need to buy a uniform to participate?

You will not need a uniform on your first day. After a few days of repeated practice, should you decide you are enjoying it and would like to purchase a uniform, you can do so at our Online Shop. You can then pick it up at the dojo on your next visit.

What happens after the trial period ends?

Should you decide you want to continue taking classes at Boulder Ki Aikido, we have several options for ongoing classes, ranging from drop-in rates and punch cards to monthly or long-term pre-paid rates. We look forward to starting your Ki Aikido journey with us! See below for more info.


Ongoing Class Rates For the Dojo

Going beyond the Trial Offers above, Boulder Ki Aikido does not require new students to sign long-term contracts. Through diligent practice, patience, and perseverance, students gain proficiency in Ki Aikido. As in any art, the more often you show up to class, the more the practice will reward you.

Once you have decided you want to continue attending classes at Boulder Ki Aikido, we have several options to suit your schedule and ongoing practice. Check the links below for current rates.

Long-term Contracts vs. Monthly Auto-pay

We do not lock you into year-long contracts. We understand modern life makes the traditional long-term commitment to martial arts training difficult. Things come up and things change. We get you.

Instead, monthly memberships will be put on autopay, and will be automatically charged on the 1st of the month, using the credit card or other payment form provided during sign-up.

Our of respect and to help keep our dojo running smoothly, we ask for a 30-days advance notice, if you would like to put your monthly autopay renewal on hold.

For your security, we do not keep your credit card numbers on our systems. We use the services of a third-party payment processor, which enables us to safely process transactions.

Additional Courses & Long Options

For more intensive and continuos immersion into learning Aikido at BKA, we offer several options.

Adults who want a more structured way to start (or want to start with a group of other beginners) might consider taking the Adult Intro Course; we offer these several times throughout the year.

Summertime is also a great time for children to start with our Peace Samurai Summer Camps. Alternatively, students or small groups may choose to jump-start their by taking Private Lessons.

Check the links below for current offerings.