Yuen Method Workshop – Monday, November 7th, 5:45 – 6:30 pm, at BKA Dojo



Workshop is FREE for current BKA students.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: A $5-10 donation for non-Ki Aikido students is suggested.

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EXPERIENCE & LEARN:  The Yuen Method  | Energetic Ki Healing | Vibrational Ki Fitness

At this workshop, you will:

  • Experience peace, neutrality, relaxation as a result of instant releases of negative thoughts, emotions, stress, tension, and more…
  • Energize your mind, body, cells & systems, in-turn healing your body of pain & dis-ease
  • Use Vibrational Fitness Bars to activate internal and external fitness
  • Learn & understand the basics of how to apply the Yuen Method in your life for Health, Fitness, Relationship, Prosperity & more…


The Yuen Method teaches us to energetically identify underlying weaknesses (root causes) of our issues, ailments and challenges. And then, to change those weaknesses to strengths with a focus on the midline, or connecting to (KI, QI, CHI) which in turn release or eliminate our issues, ailments or challenges.

The Yuen Method is the result of ancient Chinese Shaolin temple energy-harnessing methods, combined with the knowledge that anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic techniques, quantum physics, Qi and Shen Gong collectively offer. The method was created by Dr. Kam Yuen, as a result of his lifelong study and experience with martial arts, nutritional therapy, homeopathy and in-depth experience as both a structural engineer and doctor of chiropractic.


Yuen Method Vibrational Fitness was engineered and implemented by Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C., Grandmaster of Shaolin Kung Fu and Aerospace Engineer to increase physical intelligence to maximize physical functions, physical performance, reduction of body weight, aging appearance, and quality of life as you age and to increase life expectancy.

You can have a healthier, more fit and rejuvenated body in just a few minutes using the Yuen Method Fitness Bar. As you shake the Yuen Method Fitness Bar, it creates a vibration throughout your entire body, deleting pain, stress, fatigue, fat, improving muscle strength, stimulating bone growth, increasing circulation of the blood and lymph and radically vibrating all your cells, molecules, atoms and quantum particles, all the way up and down your body structure so that you vibrate with greatly increased vitality.

We are made up of literally nothing more than vibrating energy. Humans are made of cells, which are made of atoms, which are made of particles, and those so-called particles are actually just vibrating energy. This should help you understand why VIBRATIONAL FITNESS is so important, not only to our body, mind and spirit, but to everything in the Universe.


tai njio photoTai Njio (Alexander Shanti’s Aunti/Mom) will introduce and facilitate the Yuen Method and Vibrational Fitness.

Trained and Certified by Dr. Kam Yuen, in 2003, Tai Njio has since then facilitated amazing shifts in over 2800 individuals internationally with the Yuen Method. She has taught Dr. Kam Yuen’s work in the US and Canada, leading over 75 classes and seminars.

Tai is now re-introducing his work locally as she knows it is the fastest and most effective way to shift out of the negative, be strengthened to support what you want, and to keep mind, body and spirit balanced throughout your day.

Please check Tai’s website for more useful information and opportunities to try the Yuen Method, if you are not able to make it on Monday, November 7th.  | www.TaiNjio.com

KAM YUEN, D.C., Grandmaster of Shaolin Kung Fu

Dr. Kam Yuen is the founder of Shaolin West International and is a 35th generation Shaolin Master, a present day equivalent of the ancient martial arts and healing master. He is “Grasshopper”, and was David Carradine’s master, and coordinator of the Kung Fu series.




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